Lockheed Martin Mission Services

Facilities Development and Operations Contract (FDOC):

  • Software Configuration Management and Software Build Services for the ISS and Commercial Crew Programs.
  • Supported the Mission Control Center (MCC), Astronaut Training Facilities, and User Application software development.
  • Architected the next generation "MCC" using IBM BladeCenters and 10 GigaBit Ethernet solutions. We were responsible for network engineering and software architecture for the design and implementation of an emulating infrastructure representing the new JSC MCC. This next generation Control Center can best be defined as having similarities to state-of-the-art Data Centers. Taking this state-of-the-art theme one step further, J&P Technologies assisted JSC in the deployment of “Office of The Future and Collaboration Centers” solutions. Our effort focused on the deployment and integration of Wireless, Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and IP Telephony, and Video technologies.

MCC Operations Support Team (OST) Automation Initiative:

  • System engineering services identifying operations cost savings opportunities within the existing OST infrastructure and development of approaches and architectural enhancements to facilitate the savings.
  • Specific areas analyzed for improvement included MCC scheduling, MCC activity configuration/termination, ODRC, and TDRSS scheduling.

ISS Portable Computer System (PCS)

  • Technical documentation services to develop the User's Manual for the Astronaut's on-board laptops
  • System engineering services to support analysis of problem reports generated against the PCS system.




Independent Verification and Validation Contract (IV&V)

    Under this contract, J&P provided the highly specialized system software services required for independent verification and validation, software assurance, research and development and technical quality monitoring of NASA’s Spaceflight and Critical Software Systems.
Science Application International Corp (SAIC)

Safety & Mission Assurance Engineering Contract II (SMAEC II):

  • Integrated Vehicle and Flight Software Hazard Analysis & Risk Mitigation (ISS, GFE, MPCV, Gateway & xEMU [includes safety product development], and Commercial Crew & Cargo)
  • System Engineering and Integration (Gateway & xEMU [includes requirement allocation], MPCV, and Commercial Crew & Cargo)
  • Operations (ISS and MPCV)
  • Crew Survival Analysis (Exploration Systems and Gateway)
  • IT and Specialty Software Application Development

Safety & Mission Assurance Engineering Contract (SMAEC):

  • Flight Software Hazard Analysis & Risk Mitigation (ISS, GFE, MPCV, and Commercial Crew & Cargo)
  • System Engineering and Integration (MPCV & Commercial Crew & Cargo)
  • Operations (ISS & MPCV)
  • Chief Safety Officer / Chief Engineer support (Exploration Systems)

Safety & Mission Assurance Support Services (SMASS) Contract:

  • Flight Software Hazard Analysis & Risk Mitigation (ISS, GFE, SSP, CEV, and CxP)
  • System Engineering (CEV & CxP)
  • System Integration (SSP and CxP)
  • Operations (ISS & SSP)
  • Chief Safety Officer / Chief Engineer support (SSP & CxP)
  • Data Mining & PRACA Database Support

NASA Ames Engineering of Complex Systems (ECS) Support:

  • Software architecture and development services supporting the ECS research program, in particular the development of a SimStation prototype.
  • SimStation is a tool that encompasses orbital mechanics, structural dynamics, hardware and functional fault propagation, and system performance models allowing configuration trade studies to be performed.

NASA JSC Safety, Reliability, & Quality Assurance (SR&QA) Contract:

  • Assisted in development of software safety requirements for the 2nd Generation Reusable Launch Vehicle (2GRLV) portion of the Space Launch Initiative (SLI) project.
Biomedical Development Laboratories (BDL)
  • Software design and development of Control Panel and Quality Station Software used to control and monitor e-PTFE Vascular Graft manufacturing equipment (artificial arteries and veins).
  • Developed technical documentation required for FDA
San Jose State University (SJSU)
  • Partnered with SJSU Research Foundation to support NASA Ames' Human Systems Integration Division effort in the design of efficient, usable interfaces for both crewed and robotic missions.
  • Specifically provided research services for the design and development of Constellation knowledge/risk management systems.